leaning in to the curve of you — 2021

Intimate guided walks around the grounds of TarraWarra Museum of Art as a part of TarraWarra Biennial 2021: Slow Moving Waters curated by Nina Miall. Sharing stories of the microbial relations between plants, soil and people specific to the site. The encounter included ritual offerings of grape kombucha and a vibrational essence blend of moss, lichen, self heal and flatweed titled 'recompose'. Photos: Keelan O'Hehir.

to the curve of you (TarraWarra) — 2021

Installation and audio walk included in the TarraWarra Biennial 2021: Slow Moving Waters, curated by Nina Miall. The walk guides visitors outside of the gallery and around the grounds of Tarrawarra Museum of Art, offering stories and questioning perspectives on the microbial relationships between plants, soil and humans, specific to TarraWarra. Glass vessels handblown by Jarred Wright. Sound Design in collaboration with Nick Huggins. Photos: Keelan O'Hehir, Andrew Curtis, Liz Franzmann.

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to the curve of you — 2021

Solo exhibition at Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane offering an encounter with Achira (Canna indica) through a sensorial installation, garden tours, flower essences, poetry and sonic performances. Collaborators: Jarred Wright, Annie Meredith, Camila Marambio, Charlie Hillhouse, Amelia Hine and Kate Wall. Performers: Amanda Terry, Hannah Reardon Smith, Jodie Rottle. Photos: Louis Lim, Marc Pricop and Carl Warner.

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Everything is Possibly An Oracle — 2019

An Ensayos collective exhibition in collaboration with Camila Marambio and Christy Gast at Milani CARPARK gallery, Brisbane, including installations, a subversive cocktail and song.

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without which there would be nothing — 2019

Crystals and minerals on rusted steel stands and photo-collages, deconstructing the gallery walls and fittings to their elemental forms. Exhibited as a part of Mirror Mine curated by John Edmond at Outerspace ARI.

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alongside and inbetween — 2019

Snake skin presented between two panes of glass and away from the wall, offering views through the work, to include whatever exists behind. The work invites insight into the greater cosmic scheme of things, and how the viewer, snake and surrounding environment are enmeshed.

Exhibited as a part of ¢ompo$t exhibition curated by Lucy Bleach and Nadège Philippe-Janon for Dark MOFO 2019.

Beyond the Hedge — 2019

An intimate series of rituals crafted for the Shapeshifters closing dinner. A welcome rosemary cocktail, divination bread and a song for acknowledging the Merri Merri creek at which we gathered. The rituals spoke to the site, a working farm, and to the theme of harvest as both the time of year and the gathering of knowledge produced by the symposium. A collaboration with baker Boris Portnoy, songwriter Nawel Phillips-Galvez and Merchant Road Catering. Photography by Stina Evjan.

Moss Magic — 2018

Instruments for listening in the Kyoto Art Centre Garden as a part of Instrument Builders Project #4. Insights from a tea master, a chef, a paradise designer, moss lovers and moss composed within the garden as fortune telling proverbs. With fortune stones and these proverbs, visitors were invited to tune their attention and intuition to the environment and gain insight in to their life.

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A Lungfish Story — 2018

A listening journey at the edge of the Enogerra Reservoir. Several live sessions in which I shared a story of a lungfish that lives in it’s waters. Performed as a part of Open Actions curated by People Artist Place.

Moving Fortunes of the Forest — 2018

My divination cards, Fortunes of the Forest, evolved in collaboration with dancer Amaara Raheem into a participatory performance for We Make Each Other Up . Fortunes of the Forest became an encounter between Caitlin, Amaara and an individual, in an urban park in Carlton, Melbourne. Selecting a card from the deck, visitors received a divination reading as well as a gift of a small dance triggered by the card they chose.

Mutual Making — 2018

A ceramic vessel, set of six divination sticks, each relating to a medicinal plant and corresponding seed gifts. Mutual Making was performed as a part of group exhibition 'Netherworlds' curated by McCarthy-Swann Projects at Spring Hill Reservoirs, Brisbane.

Unspecified Soilings — 2017-2018

A collaborative project with Kate Woodcroft involving a series of workshops, conversations and meditations exploring the causal links between soil health and human health. The events revolved around a compost pile and attempts to improve the soil on a green space at Kelvin Grove. Commissioned by Soil Science Australia. Reflective works were exhibited as a part of Art in Soil at POP Gallery, Woolloongabba. Photography of events by Chloë Callistemon. Installation documentation by Thomas Oliver.

the way through all things — 2017

Caitlin Franzmann, Dale Gorfinkel and Ross Manning were commissioned by Brisbane City Council and Brisbane Open House to create an audio-visual installation for the historic Spring Hills Reservoirs. The project incorporated projections, light installations and kinetic instruments responding to the architecture and history of the submerged reservoirs. An hour long improvised performance completed the exhibtion.

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Fortunes of the Forest — 2017

40 divination cards each depicting an image of a plant, rock or insect found in Karawatha Forest, photographed by Man Cheung. Each card of the deck highlights the unique qualities of the Karawatha Forest landscape, interweaving ethnobotanical, biological, and spiritual stories to guide the reader. This project is an outcome of Brisbane City Council’s Karawatha Forest Artist in Residence program.

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The Foundry — 2017

Installation at Institute of Modern Art with visuals by Caitlin Franzmann and sound composed by Dale Gorfinkel from recordings made with Ross Manning.The installation draws imagery from historical artefacts and materials uncovered at The Foundry, a 19th century warehouse located in the residential slopes of Red Hill, Brisbane, revealing a journey through imagination, collective memory and unlearning of dominant histories.

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Tree-telling — 2016, 2017 & 2018

Seven hand crafted divination cards and seven sonic compositions, each responding to a tree in Queen Victoria Gardens. A week of one-on-one readings curated by Liquid Architecture for MPavilion, Melbourne. Music for tree-telling composed by David M Thomas. Images courtesy Keelan O'Hehir and Sally Wilson.

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Chasing Infinite Junctures — 2015

Solo exhibition at Boxcopy, Brisbane, involving installation (timber room with open roof and floating floor with led lighting & stainless steel mirrors) and program of events where artists responded to the installation. Collaborators included Eleanor Jackson, Henry Mills, Andrew McLellan, Sandra Selig, Ross Manning, Louise Bennett and Leena Riethmuller.

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Drawn Together, Held Apart — 2015

Custom made table with inbuilt surface transducer speaker, led lighting and audio.

Electrofringe @ IRL, Powerhouse, Brisbane.

Invisible Movements — 2014

Video and light projection, audio, table, chair, lamp and artist newspaper.

Initial site specific installation at torna, Istanbul.  Reconfigured for solo show at MetroArts, Brisbane, including the production of a new sculpture, performance and video work.  

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Lifesaver — 2014

Lifejacket, audio and hugs. Collaborative installation and performance with Courtney Coombs.

Conversation Pieces, Boxcopy Contemporary Art Space, Brisbane and Melbourne Art Fair 2014.

Magical Thinking — 2014

24 hand collaged divination cards.

Magical thinking sessions held at BLOOD SUGAR SEX MAGIK CHILDBIRTH, Slopes Gallery, Melbourne.
Image of event courtesy Slopes Gallery.

Winner of the Churchie National Emerging Art Prize 2014, Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisbane.

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Dissolve — 2013

Six helmets, audio, light box shelf and light installation. Fresh Cut 2013 Part 1, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.

Electronic music and post production assistance: Andrew McLellan. A stone in a field (words and music): Helen Franzmann. Images courtesy Richard Stringer. Video documentation filmed by Denny Ryan.

Catalog essay by Joel SternPDF

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Intimate Spaces Revealed, catalogue essay by Debra PorchPDF

Between — 2013

Caitlin Franzmann and Leen Riethmuller, Between, 2013, Video Installation, finalist for the Churchie National Emerging Art Prize 2013.

Catalogue essay by Tess MaunderPDF

Space of a Moment — 2013

Space of a moment (2013), timber, plywood,string and live audio feed, an installation at a-ch gallery, West End. The exhibition included a series of responses to the installation by artists including Lisa Lerkenfeldt, Ross Manning, Alrey Batol and Leen Riethmuller.

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Focus — 2013

Focus 2012, helmets, steel rod and audio.

Participatory installation in collaboration with Courtney Coombs as part of Backdoor Gallery residency.

Exhibited in You & I: Thoughts on Intimacy, The Hold Artspace, Brisbane Installation image courtesy Luke Kidd

Catalogue essay by Rachael ParsonsPDF

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My vessel is stopped and making no way through the water — 2012

Projectors, abstracted plinths and audio. A collaborative installation and artist book with Audrey Lam for Siege Mentality, OtherFilm Festival 2012. Images courtesy of Bryan Spencer and Small House Books.

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Light Render — 2013

Timber, mirror, slide projector, live video projection, screen.

Exhibited as part of group exhibition Foundations Edge: Artists and Technology, QUT Art Museum

Foundations Edge: Artist and Technology cataloguePDF

Decoupling — 2012

Video work combining projection of found 16mm film, plywood, timber and slide projector light (audio by Andrew Mclellan)

Exhibited in group show Going South (2012), Screen Space, Melbourne and listed in the Video Easy library, Three Projects, Brisbane


P.O.V — 2012

Plywood, timber, monitors, live video feed and pre-recorded video.

Exhibited as a part of Test Pattern 2012: New Art by New Queensland Artists, Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Brisbane,